We're back from Revision*2014 and had tons of fun! Widdy managed to release Beerjeweled for Nintendo Wii and was ranked 6th in the Game Competition. Raven managed to reach the 2nd place in the oldskool competition with his Atari-XL picture. Pro won t...
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the Ultimate Meeting
For another year we have held our free barbeque at the Ultimate Meeting. But as a bonus we managed to win the pc demo compo with our revision invitation called MEGALACTIC (huge copro with tons of other teams), win the Fast-Intro-Competition, ranked 2...
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Welcome VIBE!
We're proud to welcome VIBE in our family. He already was part of our team in the cooperation Project:ION together with Vantage and now joined our forces. Welcome mate!...
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Have a look at the previously published news of this website:

We're back from Revision*2014 and had tons of fun! Widdy managed to release Beerjeweled for Nintendo Wii and was ranked 6th in the Game Competition. Raven managed to reach the 2nd place in the oldskool competition with his Atari-XL picture. Pro won the Photo competition with his marvelous Photo entitled Hubertus and Andy was ranked 4th with his photo entry. Also Saga Musix was ranked 6th and Andy was ranked 7th in the tracked music competition.

the Ultimate Meeting
For another year we have held our free barbeque at the Ultimate Meeting. But as a bonus we managed to win the pc demo compo with our revision invitation called MEGALACTIC (huge copro with tons of other teams), win the Fast-Intro-Competition, ranked 2nd at the Olskool-Demo-Competition, 4th at the short animation compo and Saga Musix managed to win the Tracked Music, ranked 2nd in the streamed music and third in the looped music compo. Yeehaaaa!

Welcome VIBE!
We're proud to welcome VIBE in our family. He already was part of our team in the cooperation Project:ION together with Vantage and now joined our forces. Welcome mate!

Buenzli...erm...Demodays 2013
Another Weekend, another great Party! This time we attended DEMODAYS 2013 in Switzerland and the results are: 3rd rank in the Surprise Compo with COW COW LO-RES by Saga Musix in cooperation with T$. | 2nd in the Music compo reached by Saga Musix. | 1st and 2nd in the Photo Retouching Compo to Andy and Nightmare. | 1st in the Mini-Animations Compo by Nightmare. | Good work! Great Party! Yeah!

Evoke 2013!
Another Weekend, another Party. This time we were at EVOKE 2013 and were ranked 2nd in the Interactive Compo with Beerjeweled for the GBA, once again in cooperation with Genesis Project. Yeah! See you all next Weekend at the DEMODAYS in Switzerland.

We returned home safely from a great Nordlicht and were ranked 1st in the Game competition with our game Drago Dumpster Divin 65% for the GBA in cooperation with Genesis Project. What a great oldskool Event!

Back from Revision! o/
We had a great time and lot's of fun! Ton's of thanks to the Revision-Team for the great party and organizing! You guys rock!

We reached the 3rd place in the PC Demo Compo with our new Demo Project:ION (in Cooperation with Vantage) and also managed to win the Game Compo with our new Wii game Pissed (in Cooperation with Genesis*Project). Downloads will be available soon!

Furthermore Saga Musix was ranked 3rd in the Tracked Music Compo and Raven reached the 4th place in the Oldskool Graphics Compo.

We're back from tUM*2012
We're back from the Ultimate Meeting 2012 and had once again tons of fun barbequeing with all of our demoscene friends. We also participated in the compos and reached the 1st place in the Combined Low-End competition with a new vectrex release called EPIC REALTIME. Okeanos managed to win the Executable Music Compo and Saga Musix won the Tracked Music Compo and reached the 3rd place in the Loop Music Competition and Cosmic was ranked 2nd in the Modern Tools Graphics Compo. Huge thanks to the organizers for another great after-xmas-party! Well done!

We bring back the meat! We hope to see all of you at tUM*2012 for another installment of the Ultimate Meat-Thing, our annual barbeque for fellow demosceners. Get our Invitation called FLESH GORDON from the Releases section.

Sundown 2012
Just a short notice: RAVEN was ranked 3rd in the oldskool graphics competition at Sundown 2012 with his new C64 multicolor picture called CARN DUM.

NUANCE attended a great DEMODAYS 2012.
What a great party! We loved partying with all you guys. We ended up 2nd in the Realtime Demo (Size limited) compo with our 4k intro called Quietschie Bunti coded by Chock. We were also ranked 3rd in the Interactive compo with a HTML5 conversion of our game Beer Belly Bill: Grillieren (coded by Widdy) and reached the 4th place in the Realtime Demo compo with our wii-demo called Ninbuenzuland coded by Widdy.

We welcome Pista to our team! He'll strenghten our team in terms of 3D graphics and coding! He already did a great job in the coop with Extrait, where he delivered most of the 3D objects. Let's do great thing!

Back from Revision
We arrived back home safely from a greatly organized Revision 2012. We managed to be ranked 3rd with our browsergame REAXION in the Gamedev compo. We also released two PC demos entitled RITE OF EMBER and OMNIS ARS IMITATIO NATURAE EST that got ranked 4th and 5th in the PC demo competition. Raven was ranked 6th in the oldsckool graphics competition with his pixeled picture FRÜHJAHRSPUTZ. Okeanos was ranked 5th with his executable newskool music entry called I IS ANOTHER and Saga Musix got ranked 4th with his tracked music entry called DISCOVERY. Great work from all involved members!

We just arrived back home and safely from the Ultimate Meeting 2011 where we managed to win the Lowend-Demo-Competition with our C64 release called ÄCHZZEIT and we also won the Gamedev-Competition with our new Wii game called IRONING MAIDEN. Get the new stuff from the releases section! Beneath all the winning, we wish you a happy new year and all the best for 2012!

Website back online
After the launch of the new server of untergrund.net we had to tweak the system a bit to restore the full function of the website again.

Revision 2011 results
We returned home from Revision 2011. It's been a great party with lots of fun. Here are our results:

2nd PC Demo: "Sommerville" (Pro, Noisefever, Marlitt, Raven)

4th PC Demo: "@Party Invitation 2k11" (Okeanos, Saga Musix, Raven)

1st PC 4k: "Code is my pron" (Chock)

1st Game: "Trailblazer" (Widdy, Raven, Nightmare)

3rd Tracked Music: "The Knight's Story" (Saga Musix)

7th Executable Music Newschool: "Raggae Muffin" (Okeanos)

7th Modern Graphics: "Okto" (Marlitt)

13th Modern Graphics": "a True Story" (spidi360)

Get the demo releases through the releases section and have fun!

Good things in a row!
We're only some couple of minutes present at the REVISION 2011 and already gained a new member. We welcome Marlitt in our team. She'll strenghten our 3D-/2D-artists team.

...we're relaxed enough from the hard work with the Ultimate Meat-Thing at the Ultimate Meeting. Thanks to everyone for helping us to defeat Meatzilla once again! You should also check out our great releases that made it first and second in the gamedev competition. Widdy made an awesome game for the Nintedo Wii and Saga-Musix did a good job in releasing a fast game! Go and grab them in the releases section!

MAIN and X
We had a nice weekend with some great releases at different parties. Our tUM-Invitation ranked 3rd in the combined demo compo at MAIN and our first C=64 intro ranked 15th in the C64 demo compo at X. Raven was ranked 25th with his C64 picture in Koala format. Thanks to Okeanos, Bitbreaker, Saga-Musix, Raven, Addie and Wolf for the good work!

Welcome to the team.
Xiny6581 just joined NUANCE to help with soundtracks for our forthcoming C=64 releases. Welcome to the team, mate!

Sundown 2010
Raven managed to win the oldskool graphics competition of the SUNDOWN 2010 with his C=64 graphics remote entry 'Silently floating into darkness'.

Saga Musix joined.
Saga Musix joined our forces to strenghten our composer team. Welcome, mate. Looking forward doing great things together.

Cosmic left.
Cosmic left Nuance on his own decision. We wish him all the best and good luck for his demoscene future.

Evoke 2010 - Newsflash
Addie joined our demoscene family right at the beginning of Evoke 2010. She already strenghtened our team with the lyrics for our winning PC Demo "the Ultimate Meat-Thing" at the Buenzli. Now she's part of the family. Welcome!

Buenzli 2010 - News Part II
We're finally all back home from a great Buenzli 2010, where we managed to win the PC-Demo-Competition with our invitation to "the Ultimate Meat-Thing 2010". Thanks to the team consisting of Chock, Addie, Raven and Okeanos! Raven won the graphics competition for the fourth time in a row.

Buenzli 2010
We're slowly preparing for the Buenzli 2010 in Winterthur/Switzerland. Once again this surely will be a great party with lots of fun and nice releases! See you there!

Welcome, mate!
During the SCSM, the monthly demoscene meeting in Munich/Germany, we gained a skilled member especially in the field of GBA coding: Widdy! Welcome to the team and we're looking forward to some great GBA stuff. \o/

There actually is a tomorrow!
We're back from BREAKPOINT 2010 and would like to thank the organizers for one of the fucking best parties ever! We were ranked 4th in the Console-RealWild competition with our cooperation demo together with METALVOTZE. It is a demo for the good old Vectrex and the first one ever that shows the drawing of curves on this nice console. We also were ranked 5th in a very strong PC Demo competition with our new PC demo entitled zcareplex mk5. Get it from Pouet or our release section.

Searching for new flesh!
Especially people willing to work on oldskool platforms are desperately needed. If you're coding on the Amiga for example, get fastly in contact with us.

NUANCE working meeting
We just safely returned home from the annual NUANCE working meeting in a mountain hut near Sonthofen. We had tons of fun and meat again and worked a little further on our projects. We're now heading for Breakpoint which will take place for the last time this easter.

Several pages...
...got updated with the most current data. Have fun!

Welcome Chock
We welcome Chock to our team. He joined during tUM*2009. We're looking forward to our teamwork!

tUM*2009. Successfull!
What a party. We loved the Ultimate Meeting 2009 and once again our "the Ultimate Meat-Thing" was quite a success. We'll surely be back next year!

We're also quite satisfied with our competition results!

We were ranked 1st in the "Retro-My-Demo" competition with our meatro remix. Bitbreaker won the "Oldskool Graphics Competition". Well done everyone! Raven won the "Modern Tools Graphics" competition and Cosmic got ranked second.

We're already present at the Ultimate Meeting 2009 here in Karlsruhe/Durlach and we're already looking forward to our free barbeque we're doing tomorrow! Stay tuned for more!

Sundown 2009
Raven managed to reach the 3rd place in the newschool graphics competition of the Sundown 2009 in the UK with his remote entry - Born in flames.

Trilobyte 12 - The resurrection
Believe it or not...Trilobyte is back with a blast. Thanks to Okeanos, Raven and a bunch of musicians we're proud to bring you a new installment of the Trilobyte Chipdisc Series...the platform changes, but the flavour stays. Have fun downloading it at the releases section. Thanks to Okeanos for the great coding and music. Well done, mate!

Some buenzli photos...
...were added to the appropriate directory of the multimedia archive. Have fun!

Site updates
We updated some content and from now on there will be detail pages for most releases. We started to create the first detail page of the demo released at Buenzli and will step by step (ooooh babyyy) create the other ones.

Results from Buenzli2009
Results are out and we were ranked 1st in the PC Demo Competition with our new PC Demo "The official end of a civilization". Raven once again won the graphics competition with his new digital artwork "The other side". Thanks to the organizers for the great party. Keep up the good work. See you next year at Buenzli 2010.

Buenzli 2009
We managed to take part in several competitions and released our new demo called - the official end of a civilization - in the pc demo competition. We would love to see more demos being released next year at the Buenzli, because it's such a lovely party and truely deserves nice releases.

Buenzli ahead.
We're preparing ourselves for the Buenzli 2009 at the moment - the great swiss demoscene event. See you all there! Meet us at the traditional "Gott ist da" flag!

BP2009 results
We were ranked 7th with our Windows 4k intro "Aracide", 2nd in the Wild competition with the Wild demo "Julie" (by Cosmic) and 5th with Raven's C64 graphics entry "Voltage". What a fucking nice party this was again! Barbeque for teh win!!!1!1. ;)

We're at Breakpoint 2009...
...and succeeded in releasing our Windows 4k intro called "Aracide", the wild demo called "Julie" created by Cosmic, the C64 executable graphic "Voltage" by Raven, photo competition entires by Bitbreaker and Raven and much more. Give it a shot and download it at the releases section.

We survived...
...the mountains near sonthofen and the annual NCE Workingmeeting. Working on the releases and having tons of barbeque meat...and some booze...was totally fun. We also released a slidetro with pictures taken there. Leech it and have fun!

Welcome Nitro.
Nitro (AINC, Metalvotze) joined our forces. Welcome to NUANCE, mate. Looking forward working together...and having some beers!

Farewell Sobec.
Sobec/Speckdrumm, a good friend and scene fellow decided to end his life. We will miss you, Tim. The scene will miss you. To Tim's family: Please accept our deepest condolences.

tUM*2008 aftershock
Better late than never. ;) We returned home from the Ultimate Meeting 2008 around a week ago. The party was once again very well organized and it's been great fun. Raven was ranked second in the Modern Tools Graphics Competition. the Ultimate Meat-Thing was a great success and we hope everyone had enough steaks in the end. Afterwards we felt that it was the best idea to spend the prize money of Buenzli in that way. Echtzeit did a free breakfast the next morning, so you were able to come through the whole party without actually buying food. :D

I sense meat.
We just released our intro for our barbeque at tUM*08. It's done by Rayzn, Raven and Okeanos. Have fun and don't forget to grab some fine schnitzel at tUM!

UK members left and memberlist updates
Most of the UK members (Michael, Simon, SPI, Cynic,) left. Take care guys. It's been great to have you in the team. Only tetsuomaki remains as only UK member now. Also some people got moved to the memorable members list as they were inactive for the group over 1 year or didn't give a lifesign to e-mails.

Raven Demoscene Art
Raven's demoscene artworks are available again. You can find it over here. It features works of the sections: logos, pictures and various. Each gallery is chronologically sorted and shows excerpts of his creations for the demoscene. Have fun. Feedback appreciated.

We managed to release a fast demo at SUNDOWN 2008 in cooperation with TRSI (Oh boy - that was a fast cooperation!). Sadly the organizers fucked up a bit and it wasn't shown during the compo. They showed it the next morning, but I bet most didn't notice anyway. But in the end it's all like: "We managed to do a fast intro and support a small party. We're satisfied. No bad feelings! :D". Oh well...we got ranked 8th. :D

Back on track.
We're glad to announce that one of our long term members is back on track. Twystor is back and renamed to cub3. Currently he's working on a small demo project with Raven.

NUANCE at Buenzli2008
We managed to release another demo entitled "Ungol" and win the PC Demo Competition during our favourite swiss scene event: The Buenzli 2008. We've also won the Graphics Competition with Raven's entry and also the Wild Competition with Cosmic's entry. This was once again a really nice party with lot's of fun. AND we will use the whole price money of the demo for a huge barbeque free for everyone at tUM*08. Beneath all that that Rayzn was ranked first in the poker tournament.

Buenzli17 invitationgame
We just released our invitationgame for BUENZLI 17 this weekend during the EVOKE 2008. We reached a sensational 2nd place in the ALTERNATIVE PLATFORMS competition and hope to see all of you at the BUENZLI next weekend.

...to BITBREAKER. He just did his finest release called "Florian"! So he's officially a daddy now. Whole Nuance congratulates and wishes him and his family all the best!

New photos and history updates
First photos of the Breakpoint 2008 are online now. Enjoy these first impressions of this fine party. Also the NUANCE history got updated fastly, but be sure it will soon the more precise.

Back from BP2008
We're tired, so let's keep it short: We were ranked with 11th with our new PC demo which was quite satisfying compared to the strong competitors. Bitbreaker was ranked 2nd and Raven was ranked 7th in the Photo Competition. Download our new demo through the releases section, but be warned: It needs a strong hardware.

That was fun...
Raven, Pro, Rayzn, Bitbreaker, Naitandu and Nightmare are back from Sonthofen/Germany from the NUANCE Working Meeting 2008. We had tons of fun working on the new releases, barbequeing, boozing and building some kind of a cool snowman. The mountain hut was great and we surely will return there next year for another meeting. Some photos will soon be online in the gallery.

Our musician Malik Trey was moved to the inactive memberlist until some questions are tackled with.

NCE Working Meeting 2008
In preparation for the Breakpoint 2008, a selected bunch of NUANCE members will be gathering in a hut in the German mountains for e weekend to work on our new demo. Breakpoint 2008 is at the doorsteps and if you want to meet us, be there.

Back from tUM*2007
We safely arrived back home from the Ultimate Meeting 2007. It was a nice party with some nice competitions. Like in the yearts before we once again won the "Kidnapped Demo Competition" (It was easy this time) with our Entry "The Odd, the bad and the ugly". Bitbreaker was ranked 2nd in the oldskool graphics competition and Raven was ranked 3rd in the Modern Tools Graphics Competition. Overall a nice party and I will visit the next tUM for sure.

At the moment we're present at the Ultimate Meeting * 2007 in Karlsruhe/Durlach (Germany) enjoying this nice demoscene party and the free coffee supply! Nuancential members present at the party are Raven, Rayzn and Nightmare. Let's see if we can finish anything in time. More news up soon.

First Buenzli photos...
...are online in the photo gallery in the multimedia archive. Have fun.

Buenzli 16
We just returned home from the Buenzli 16 in Switzerland with some nice results. We were ranked 4th with our new PC demo called "9x13 SEPIA" in the PC demo competition. Raven won the graphics competition and Cosmic was ranked 2nd. Malik Trey was ranked first in the streaming music competition. We also released a small NintendoDS Intro called "Buenzli 16" just for fun. The PC-Demo is already available for download in the releases section, the NintendoDS-Intro will also be added soon.

Okeanos rocks da house...
Our fellow french sound wizard Okeanos got some nice results in several competitions. He competed in the DECTCOMPO #2, EXCHIPO -EXTENSIVE CHIPCOMPO and BIGCHIPCOMPO #8. Extremely well done, mate! Give him a big hand. Now here are the competition results:


1st place - Okeanos/Nuance with "Little Floove"

EXCHIPO - extensive chipcompo

32kb chipcompo - 1st place Okeanos/Nuance with "Talking to Spirits"

64kb remix - 5th place Okeanos/Nuance with "Onslaught title remix"

100kb Chipcompo - 3rd place Okeanos/Nuance with "ElectroBit"


32kbChipCompo - 8th place Okeanos/Nuance with "Brave New World"

Keep up the great work.

Demoshow @ University of Ulm
Bitbreaker and Raven are hosting the Demoshow at the 40th anniversary celebration of the University of Ulm. In 50 minutes we give a short trip through the demoscene universe. We start at the C=64 planet and end at the PC moon with some of the best demos around. More infos over here at the appropriate pages of the University of Ulm.

Bitbreaker (Coder, 2D-Artist, Photoartist) joined our forces and is now a doublemember of Nuance and Metalvotze. Welcome, mate!

BP2007 photos online.
The last set of Breakpoint 2007 photos is online now. Just surf to the appropriate gallery and have a look and fun offcourse.

Fraktalaltar 4k added
The PC 4k intro "Fraktalaltar" (released at Evoke 2004) that was missing in the releases list up to now is now added and available for download.

Rayzn joined.
Rayzn (coder) joined our forces to strenghten our coding team. There is already a demo planned on a mobile platform. Welcome to the family, dude! :)

First pictures
of the Breakpoint 2007 are online. Just enter the gallery of the multimedia archive and browse to the Breakpoint 2007 directory.

Back from BP2007
Finally we're back and awake from the Breakpoint 2007. We were ranked 7th out of 23 in a strong PC-Demo-Compo right behind MFX and our friends from Nonsense got ranked 20th with their first release called 'nonstop'. Cosmic got a nice 3rd place in the freestyle graphics compo. We also released the first issue of our musicdisc "N-Traxx" on the Breakpoint 2007 with a party scrolltext for the masses. But the most important thing: We had tons of fun, met nice people and partied like hell again!

Countdown for BP2007
We're preparing for the trip to the Breakpoint 2007 in Bingen am Rhein (Germany) this easter (Alle Jahre wieder!). You will be able to meet a lot of the NUANCE members there, have a drink and some nice chat. Currently the following members will be there: Pro, Raven, Nightmare, Naitandu, Noisefever, Jayne, Malik Trey, Cosmic and Trifox.

Chief64K nickchange
Our UK coder "Chief64K" renamed to "tetsuomaki", so don't get confused to read a new name in the memberlist. ;)

Website relaunched.
As you can see the design of our website changed heavily. Hope you enjoy our relaunched internet presentation. More functions soon.

Nightmare again.
"gendrift" renamed back to his old handle "nightmare".

tUM 2006
We won the Pirated-Demo-Competition with "the ultimate funk experience in the sky" and kicked Limp-Ninja's ass to the second place! Cosmic got ranked first in the "Modern Tools GFX" competition.

Okeanos joined.
Okeanos joined from Digital. He's located in France and works as composer on Amiga and PC for our team.

Buenzli 2006
We reached the 4th place with our new PC-Demo "Four Bitches" at the Buenzli2006 in Switzerland. Malik Trey won the streaming music compo. Cosmic won the graphics compo. The demo is downloadable via the productions section.

UK-guys back in town.
Michael, Simon, Cynic and SPI joined in the UK and EvilWizard forms our australian section. Welcome to the team! We're proud you're now (or again) part of NUANCE.

Jayne joined.
Jayne/Scoopex (Graphics, Switzerland) joined our forces to strenghten our graphics team. She also remains a member of Scoopex (Doublemember)). Welcome Jayne!

Breakpoint 2006
Back from stunning Breakpoint 2006 we returned home and were ranked 9th in the PC-Demo-Competition, Raven was ranked 4th in the Photo-Competition and Noisefever was ranked 9th in the Streaming-Music-Compo. Download our new demo Interlude via the productions-section or go directly to Pouet and comment and download there.

tUM 2005
We just returned from from tUM*2005 and got the 1. place in the Pirated-Demo-Compo with "Marijform" and Raven got the 2. rank with his picture in the "Modern Tools Graphics"-Competition. "Marijform" will soon be released to the public for download.

Memberlist changed.
Several members were moved to the inactive memberlist.

Xbox Intro.
Stylez/Nuance and Noisefever/Nuance did a cool Xbox-Intro for Raven's 33rd birthday! Get it via the download-section!

More up...
We're working on several projects. So stay tuned for more entertainment. Interested in teaming up with us? Then contact Raven.

Stylez joined.
Stylez (coder, Xbox and PC) teamed up with NUANCE. At the moment he's working with Raven on a intro for the Xbox consoles. A composer of the soundtrack of the intro is not chosen yet, but it should be a chiptracker for this intro.

Welcome back...
Welcome back: Twystor (coder, PC), our austrian code hero returned to his dearest demoscene family and is active again! Welcome back, dude! He already started working on a slideshow including Raven's artworks. Music for the slideshow will be done by Noisefever.

Back home...
Arrived back home from the Breakpoint 2005. Re released our new demo, the invitation for the Buenzli 14 there. It is called Demoscene Activist (at Pouet) and was ranked 6th in the PC Democompo. Grab it from the Download-Section.

Naitandu joined.
Naitandu (coder, PC) joined our forces. Welcome to the nuancential family! We're proud you're part of the team now!