Memorable people
We're back from Revision*2014 and had tons of fun! Widdy managed to release Beerjeweled for Nintendo Wii and was ranked 6th in the Game Competition. Raven managed to reach the 2nd place in the oldskool competition with his Atari-XL picture. Pro won t...
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the Ultimate Meeting
For another year we have held our free barbeque at the Ultimate Meeting. But as a bonus we managed to win the pc demo compo with our revision invitation called MEGALACTIC (huge copro with tons of other teams), win the Fast-Intro-Competition, ranked 2...
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Welcome VIBE!
We're proud to welcome VIBE in our family. He already was part of our team in the cooperation Project:ION together with Vantage and now joined our forces. Welcome mate!...
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Memorable people

We used to have a so called "Inactive Memberlist" some time ago. Everyone on this "Inactive Memberlist" was able to re-enter NUANCE the easy way: Just do a new release and you're in again!

This is not the case anymore...but it's much more easy to "re-enter" the group if you have been a member already.

The following members are not part of NUANCE anymore, but are in good memory and their work for NUANCE is highly remembered and appreciated:

Addie [graphician, Germany]: C64 graphics artist and queen of retro stuff. She decided to concentrate on other things atm.
Axiom [Coder, Australia]: Coder of most Can't-Stop-40k-Effects.
big-rat [Editor, Germany]: He was the main-editor of the X-Files for more than 20 issues.
deepblur [coder, Germany]: The mastercoder that did our first linux-demo!
Cynic [coder, UK]: One of our ex. UK coding wizards.
Cub3 [Coder, Austria]: Coder on Amiga and PC

E-Liza [graphician, Holland]: Our favourite female graphician from good old Holland.
ElectricKeet [Musician, USA]: Talented female US sound composer. Inactive at the moment.
Evrimsson [musician, Germany]: Our bookwriting (together with MerlinM!) musical wizard. Busy at the moment but surely will come back.
Fireball [graphician, coder, Germany]: Once one of our heroes of graphics, now learning to code.
Frenchy / FMD'93 [musician, Germany]: One of the founding members and the musical hero of some of our first productions.
Grace [Coder, Germany]: Responsible for the famous X-Files-Intro and parts of the Can't-Stop-40k-Intro.
hostmonsta [Javacoder, Germany]: Tried to ressurrect the Trilobyte-Chipdisc!
Iceboyle [Coder, Germany]: Did some nice stuff back in the old days.
Jackal [Coder,Germany]: Coded the famous "Subtle Shades"-Trackmo together with Kill'o'Byte.
Jayne [2D artist, Switzerland]: Great 2d artist. At the moment inactive.
Kill'o'Byte [Coder, Germany]: Coded the famous "Subtle Shades"-Trackmo together with Jackal. He's also responsible for most of the old Amiga-demos and -intros.
Logix [3D-Artist, Germany]: Another Master of Raytracing.
Malik Trey [Musician, Germany]: The man behind some nice soundtracks of our PC demos.
Maxster: One of our modelling wizards.
MerlinM! [Musician, Germany]: Did the music for several intros and is the other half of the author-team of the famous "Hackerland" and "Hackertales" Books.
Michael [Musician, UK]: One of our ex.UK sound wizards.
Naitandu [Coder, Germany]: Did the first PC musicdisc and some more works on the original engine.
Odin [Graphician, Germany]: A very good graphician that also did some titlepictures for the famous X-Files.
Pista [3D graphics, Serbia]: Master of X, Y and Z.
r.a.y [Coder, Germany]: One of our Amiga-Code-Wizards.
Rayzn [Coder, Croatia]: The coder of the famous first meatro!
Shaken [Coder, Germany]: Coded two issues of "The German Charts" back in the old days.
Simon [Coder, UK]: One of our ex. UK coding wizards
SPI [Musician, UK]: ex.UK sound hero.
Sniper [Coder, Germany]: Another Amiga-Code-Guru that did several blasting demos for NUANCE.
Spidy360 [3D artist, Germany]: Did ome fine stuff for NUANCE.
Stephen [Coder, USA]: The coding master on NintendoDS and NintendoWii. Inactive at the moment.
Stylez [Coder, Germany]: Our Xbox codemaster.

Sunny [Editress, Germany]: The famous german editrice.
Switch [Coder, Sweden]: He did the TP7-40k-Intro called "Project N". He is formerly known as HBE.
Trifox [Coder, Germany]: The fractal god!

tetsuomaki [Coder, UK]: Our GBA code wizard.
Xiny6581 [Musician, Germany]: C64 sound wizard.

Thanks for the good work all of you have done for the NUANCE demoscene family.