We're back from Revision*2014 and had tons of fun! Widdy managed to release Beerjeweled for Nintendo Wii and was ranked 6th in the Game Competition. Raven managed to reach the 2nd place in the oldskool competition with his Atari-XL picture. Pro won t...
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the Ultimate Meeting
For another year we have held our free barbeque at the Ultimate Meeting. But as a bonus we managed to win the pc demo compo with our revision invitation called MEGALACTIC (huge copro with tons of other teams), win the Fast-Intro-Competition, ranked 2...
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Welcome VIBE!
We're proud to welcome VIBE in our family. He already was part of our team in the cooperation Project:ION together with Vantage and now joined our forces. Welcome mate!...
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...is a loose organization of computer artists who produce extremely advanced multimedia presentations that are running on a computer platform in realtime. This means there are no precalculated animations and everything is generated in the very moment it is shown.

The Nuance Demoscene Family was founded in 1991 by several demosceners originated from the C=64 and Amiga demoscene and works on several platforms like Windows, Xbox, NintendoDS, GameboyAdvance, Linux, Amiga and in the field of wild demos.

At the right you can see some of the members in front of our banner at the Breakpoint 2006. Right below it a picture of one of our party workplaces (here at tUM 2005) can be seen and then you face the two friendly organizers of Nuance:

Raven (Mainorganizer) and Pro (Codeorganizer).

To fit our high hygienical standards we try to occupy a private toilet at most parties which can be identified by such a sign. Keep out, dudes! And finally there is a shot of a party scene some time ago with eVRIMSSON, MerlinM!, Andy and Raven.

More about the history of our demoscene family can be found here and if you're interested in the publications about Nuance or of our members you can get an overview here.

If you want to get in touch with us, ask questions about the demoscene or join as a member you can contact us via this page.